May 20 Gifts

Going to my P.O. Box is always a fun venture. I always come back with a major haul. 


I’m going to keep it short and simple today, but the inside contents are below along with who presented them.


Moe moe


Lil Dick Bitch




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I’m keeping this entry short and sweet. I had a hard night of partying with friends and celebrities last night and am worn down. I’m going to spend the rest of my night playing video games and being pampered, but I’ll leave you with a blog entry from my loyal slave sissy, Little Dick Bitch. Enjoy!

Little Dick Bitch (NSFW)

December 31st, 2012 I was contacted by “Little Dick Bitch” pleading me to be his chastity key holder via HumiliationPOV forum PM.

“Hello Beautiful Princess Ellie,

i’m writing You Princess because i seen where You responded to my desperate plea for a Superior Women to take control of my locked upped chasity dicklett. i was wondering Princess, how this littledickbitch can start my chasity training Princess, and it would be a honor to serve You and buy You gifts and just be Your all around pathetic slave bitch. Along with the chasity Princess i desire to be nothing more than a servant, a whore, and Your slave. i truly hope i can have the honor and privilege of serving You Princess. You are so amazing and beautiful. i hope to buy some of Your clips very soon Princess. Thank You for Your valuable time Princess..



Little did I know that LDB would go from my chastity slave to my little sissy whore servant! From that message, we have embarked on a quest of self discovery. LDB will be undergoing a transformation to be my adorable sissy underling, serving me as I wish. So far I have received numerous giftcards to department stores, several Amazon gifts from my wish list (including the newest iPad), along with praise and gratitude for being allowed to serve me.


While LDB being locked away in chastity was fun for me, I much prefer to allow my little sissy to stroke that little dick to my clips, taking loads of man milk in that pretty little mouth of his (hers? No, we haven’t reached that point in the transformation JUST yet). I have far more fun receiving emails full of naughty pics of anal play and dildo blowjobs! In fact, just the other day as a punishment LDB was made to go grocery shopping with an anal plug inserted into his ass with sissy panties over top.

“Hello Princess, Here is a little rundown how my punishment went Princess. I got up, and i was off today to carry out my punishment for being a bad sissy.The first thing i did was get my big butt plug Princess, and put it inside my sissy ass. Ohhhhhh Princess i tried so very hard to get it in. I rode on it and grinding it inside me, rotating my hips. And just when i thought it was in, it would pop out. The pics i’m showing You are of the big plug, and me trying to put it inside my slutty ass. I tried for about a half hour Princess, but i could not get it past the big round part at the end.

Well at least You know i have a tight ass/pussy Princess, lol.. So i had to go with the medium size Princess. Please forgive me Princess, as i know why i should be playing with my toys as much as possible to break my sissy ass in. I was able to get the medium size in my sissy ass all the way Princess, and then i put on my sissy panties with a tank top, and begin to do my household chores. I dusted and vacuumed and did laundry and cleaned my windows, all the time thinking i was cleaning Your lovely home Princess.

After a few hours of cleaning, the real nervousness set in as i was about to go out to wallmart for grocery shopping. I put on my so called men clothes over my panties and got dressed.. Ohhhhhh Princess i was so timid and shy as i went to my car. The whole drive, my plug was moving around inside me, and i really enjoyed the feeling. But when i got to WallMart, and saw all the people i begin to feel like such a sissy bitch. I was blushing the whole entire time as i walked into the store, and its true Princess, i felt as though everyone knew that underneath i was nothing but a sissy bitch. i could barely look anyone in the eye, and when i saw girls in there, i know i turned beet red. And when i walked it felt as though i was getting my sissy ass fucked the whole time Princess.

The whole entire time my mind was on You Princess, and how much i wanted to please You and make You proud of Your slut. And picturing You laughing at me was enough to send submissive shivers throughout my body. I stayed in wallmart for about a hour, and at times when i bent over, i thought my sissy panties where showing from my jeans.which made it more humiliating. I would look around real quick, and i’m pretty sure someone noticed i was wearing panties, as i kept trying to pick up my jeans as i walked.

I would see REAL MEN with there girlfriends and think they all know i’m a sissy bitch. And when i saw girls i would think they where all laughing at me. And when i went to check out and actually had to talk to the female cashier i was so nervous and quiet and begin to sweat a little. But on the drive home Princess i thought about what i actually did, and my little clitty srarted to get excited at just what happened. Could not believe how turned on i was getting at the thought of being exposed.

When i got home i put away my grocery’s and realxed, but my dicklett was throbbing, so i had to stroke my clitty and rehash the time i had Princess. It sis not take long to have a sissy squirt, and i was a good bitch and swallowed it, instead of creaming my panties Princess. If You would like Princess, i will send a pic of my cum on my tongue for You. From now on i will play with my toys as much as possible, because in need alot more anal training if i’m going to be a good whore for You Princess, that You may wish to pimp out someday 🙂 🙂

Your sissy slut….paul “


I am so happy to have met my sissy Paul “Little dick bitch”. I feel like we are a perfect match and that this really is just the beginning of a long master/servant relationship.

Check out his shrine dedicated to moi~ 😉